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To judge is to ignore:

Everyone makes mistakes. We often forget that the simplest explanation of our mistakes is that we were atleast trying.

Although we are all guilty of it at some point or another, the judgements we hand out, whether big or small, verbal or non-verbal, they are not our place to make. Only God and the person making those mistakes get to pass personal judgments on that person. (with moral turpitude, of course.)

Should that person have done things to hurt others or against society, we still have no bearing to pass judgemet unless we are directly affected by those mistakes.

How many of us have done something in our lives that are considered mistakes? Did your take responsibility for them? Try to correct them? Did someone pass judgment, making the situation harder or easier to make it through those mistakes?

If we never make a mistake, then we are just going along, never trying anything or learning new. I make mistakes daily, but I  try not to let people be directly affected my my mistakes however, it is inevitable. We gain and lose people with the mistakes section of our lives more than any other section.

Then next time you are faced with learning of someone’s mistakes, let your mind go to your own last mistake and think twice before judging that person. Wouldn’t you like for someone to return the favor on your next mistake, whether it be small or hugehuge?


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Divorced, 40 yr old mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 3 and 6, that is in the midst of the worst experience in my life looking for ways to repair my girl's souls, protect their future, and provide a better world for that future.

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