The words of my 6-year-old when discussing the recent past happenings of my making that bad decision.  I believe the words made me go deaf because I didn’t hear not one single word she said after that.  Instead, I saw a flash of key events that have led up t this point. 

Today, while sitting with her at her school for lunch, I have yet another horrid reality to face.  She knows that the time is going to fly by and she tries so hard to get as many “Mommy things” as she possibly can so that she can let go of those and get ready for the next on her list to talk over with mommy.  So as to not get mommy upset, she kind of eases me into the “boo-boo” she had told me about on the phone.  “Now Mommy, don’t say anything, but Saturday I was out playing with Nanny.  She was giving me a hard time, and then when I went to get her back, Little Man bit me.  I am ok, but I wanted to tell you about it.”    I look down and she had a pretty good bruise with one little puncture spot, but I already knew about the bite and that she was okay, so I  just reassured her telling her, “well baby girl, you know that he did not mean to really hurt you so it’s ok.”

Lunchtime has become her outlet for telling mommy if something bad is going on, without having to worry about if someone hears it. She then wants to tell me about what REALLY happened on Sunday when her Nanny took her home.  I am guessing that her father was not at home because he was on call, because the girls do not usually cry when the exchange happens.  I waited a few seconds, hoping it was not going to be what I thought it might be, but she looks at me and almost scared to tell me she starts but then stops.  I tell her that it is alright and that I’m not going to say anything, but just write it down if it’s something that needs it,  She prepares herself one more time and proceeds to tell me that that woman spanked her because she and Z wanted to go back home with her Nanny.  That they were crying and hat Drill Sgt got mad and told them “SHUT UP! You are crying for no f-ing reason”.  Then, because they would not stop or go with their Nanny, the Drill Sgt spanked them and made them go to bed.  

Instantly I saw red.  I told them she needed to keep her hands of hate off of my children. K sees my blood boiling and tells me that she has one more thing to tell me, that the Drill Sgt didn’t just put her in the corner that day because she did not understand the unscramble homework, but that she spanked her for crying, then slapped her in the face for “not listening” to her, and then proceeded to put her in the corner too.

Now I am not a super- intelligent person or anything, but some dumb person done went and  slapped my child in the face for not being able to comprehend something she is trying to learn in KINDERGARTEN so she gets frustrated with herself over not getting it and starts to cry, you slap her in the face for “not listening” to you, spank her to make her cry even harder, then still make her stand in the corner?  This woman is some kind of stupid!  I asked her if Z has been getting done this way, and she said, “yes mommy, she has too”. 

The reward for all the stressful moments of raising babies.

I absolutely hate that my daughter, whom I have sworn to love and protect, nurture and guide, has to endure this type of hush-hush system just to get some protection from people that say they did this to “protect” the girls from me.  I find it low-down and completely asinine that a mother, of three kids herself no doubt, would treat my child like this, or any other child in the world.  What? Just because she dislikes me and thinks I am a “WASTE OF SPACE”?  

Mothers are supposed to love, nurture, guide, educate, compliment, discipline, love, love, love, and PROTECT the children they, not only bore but the ones they adopt as well.  If she will smack my kid in the face for not being able to hear her, what else is she going to do?  Nothing is sacred to these people it seems.  The fact that K and Z are not her blood and that she might not want to be abusing them does not even seem to register at all for the idiot!  How can the father just let her do these things?

Currently, I am trying to calm down!  If I call and deal with this right this second I would probably just make it worse for myself than for that child abusing “c” word.  They better hope and pray that there are not any marks on my girls come Saturday when I have visit, cause I am likely to blow my cool!  Not to mention, there will be not one, but two people being arrested. I am also calling DCF and hopefully finding me a good Pro-Bono lawyer.  This has got to stop.  First neglect medical attention, then her spanking, but now she gotta slap.  All I can say is she better have a good attorney on retainer.

I encourage you all to report any sign of child abuse to the proper authorities.  Please be the voice for the ones who don’t have one of their own.  Educate your little ones to be able to communicate safely in harmful situations, like coming up with code words or phrases.  Not only will these key phrases help protect your children, but they may also help other classmates, or the parents as well.





3MKZ "Soul"utions

Divorced, 40 yr old mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 3 and 6, that is in the midst of the worst experience in my life looking for ways to repair my girl's souls, protect their future, and provide a better world for that future.

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