For Brian,

I would like to say a thank you to the one person that has had my back since before the bad in my life turned into hell and everyone turned their backs on me.  He has put up with so much from not only me but from the others mentioned along the way.  The sad thing is, that he did not have to, but he held on tight and allowed me to let some of it go, talked me through some of the worst moments, and helped to put some of the broken pieces back together.

As strong a love as anyone might have, the experiences we have had to endure along the way proved too much for just one person to bear.  The love we could have had was cut dramatically short by the hellish and evil things done by hellish people.

For all this, I take responsibility for driving him away with my insecurity, no self-esteem, and new agoraphobia that has developed.  I did not mean to cheat you out of something great and I will forever be grateful for your kindness and for the short amount of time it was available your love.

I love you and probably always will, turtle turtle.





My Lost Love

by 3MKZs


In the midst of my life’s darkness and turmoil,

The sunshine found its shine again,

You became my comfort and the solace I needed.

The wind, released its warm gentle nudge again.


Your smile, the caramel in your eyes

Those magical appearing dimples on your cheeks,

The sound of your voice saying my name,

And the Music of your laughter when I called you nicknames.

The little idiosyncrasies that make you unique,

The warmth from your gigantic hugs,

Filled my world with its missing security,

They filled my heart with a sense of belonging.

You became my home. 

Now the Earth has suddenly shifted back around.

The Sun has lost its luster,

The wind is silent memory.


The Laughter is now gone,

Only Silence remains in its place.

Gone are the Smiles, and the gorgeously cute dimples.

I long for your return back to me, our love.

What could have caused your heart to stray,

I do not know.

I love you and miss the sweet man that was you.

The Days are so lonely without it being two.

With no hope of you returning,

I pray destiny’s powers completely set your heart free

And fill the void that could let you be happy.

That feat was too big and out of reach for me.

That it brings the light back to your eyes.

And you find that Music your laughter used to sing.

Be Happy my lost Love,

Dream big and be as happy as you made me.


Copyright © 2019

by 3MKZS


Magical Hopes
Make a wish upon the wings of a fairy, we need all the help we can get my sweet tiny….

3MKZ "Soul"utions

Divorced, 40 yr old mother of 2 beautiful girls ages 3 and 6, that is in the midst of the worst experience in my life looking for ways to repair my girl's souls, protect their future, and provide a better world for that future.

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