Busy, Busy Mommy Beware!

 From Getting My Girls, to Finding that Niche To Financially Cinch Our Future… Have you ever just knew what you wanted, how to go about getting it, and everything just laid itself out, one step at a time, and suddenly you turn around and there it is, all wrapped up neatly with a bow?  No?Continue reading “Busy, Busy Mommy Beware!”


Guess What Mommy.

Chicken butt, love butt, Ziggy butt! Make a wish upon the wings of a fairy, we need all the help we can get my sweet tiny…. As I feel the pieces shattering …… Another in the, what seems like, long list of new traditions and code words that I have had to teach my kiddosContinue reading “Guess What Mommy.”

Our 1,2,3 Tradition

Meet me in your dreams, I’ll send you kisses on the wings of a butterfly until you can meet me there! From the very first day this horrible journey began, to help my oldest K to be able to process, connect, hug the emotions, and to cope with the loss of her everyday mommy, IContinue reading “Our 1,2,3 Tradition”

We have our beginning!

Evey night I tell my girls I will meet them in their dreams to catch up, and they will know its me because I’m sending butterflies to keep them safe! I miss my old life.  the one where my girls were home, the sounds of their laughter, playing, sibling bickerings, and constant “Mommy” calls wereContinue reading “We have our beginning!”