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Lost Time: What Grieving Time Cost

When you have the life you always dreamed of, children that you weren’t supposed to be able to concieve, medically speaking, and then have them ripped from you over a very bad decision you made, from the one person who said they would never take them away from you, you die inside.  The warm andContinue reading “Lost Time: What Grieving Time Cost”

Just say “F*$K it!

In today’s hustle and bustle, striving to be successful, and an  eyes on the prize type mentality, stress is bound to be lurking very close.  For most, it has seeped into our life without us noticing at first, and for some it will do its best to consume any and all hope of good. WeContinue reading “Just say “F*$K it!”

Dedicated to my Princess Butterflies….

If you could only know the light that lives in the Princess Butterfly Sisters This shall be dedicated to my Butterfly Princess Blonde (K) and Butterfly Princess Anna (Z)…. From the   earliest,  And very tiniest flutter-a-bouts. To the silly playfulness, And the eloquent dance twirls I have been mesmerized By the sweet smell of your blonde hair, Captivated and awe-struck smellContinue reading “Dedicated to my Princess Butterflies….”

“I’ve had a rough life, mommy, K said.”

The words of my 6-year-old when discussing the recent past happenings of my making that bad decision.  I believe the words made me go deaf because I didn’t hear not one single word she said after that.  Instead, I saw a flash of key events that have led up t this point.  Today, while sitting withContinue reading ““I’ve had a rough life, mommy, K said.””

Persuant to..

The Children, or the New Girl? Divorce, in and of itself, puts and immeasurably tough strain on anyone, but especially on little kids They are too young to describe or tell you the way the situation makes them feel deep inside their tiny huge hearts. Or what they feel leading up to the big decision,Continue reading “Persuant to..”

On I push, thru the mush

Most people are sound asleep, their husbands, children, pets, and worries all tucked soundly in for the night.  Me?  No way, I’m busy pushing myself as usual.  For instance, I am holding up a promise to provide a book mark for our books we don’t get finished with so that we can save our spotContinue reading “On I push, thru the mush”

StepMOM or Drill SGT?

Every mother hopes for the best with regards to their child’s father, their relationship, the relationship they have with the other family members on their father’s side, and should it be the case, the new woman in their lives that would be there to “fill-in” when the children are with him. In the case withContinue reading “StepMOM or Drill SGT?”