Daily Hustle

To those of you who follow 3mkzs creations, I thank you. I have been hard at it, finding the best ads, sites, info, etc. The search, while not so hard, mixed with a daily work schedule, custody battle, and classes to better ones self, lead to an overwhelmed feeling that resonates in the time between posts.

I aim for betterment and have also been trying to nail down the best editorial Callander to fit the needs of the company and our loyal followers.

As with all of business owners, small and the like, we are accepting clients and could use some good old fashioned sharing, and will return the favors!

God bless and may we all flourish beyond covid19!

Daily writing clears the mind and frees the soul.

Freelance Graphic Designer/Writer, Author, Affiliate Marketer, and Mother.

Of Mountains & Printing Presses

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Matt Mullenweg, 2017

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Lost Time: What Grieving Time Cost

When you have the life you always dreamed of, children that you weren’t supposed to be able to concieve, medically speaking, and then have them ripped from you over a very bad decision you made, from the one person who said they would never take them away from you, you die inside.  The warm and sunny feeling you had inside is replaced with the icy crispness that you might visualize when the temp drops to -30 and there is 20 feet of snow blocking your front door and you can’t get out.

Suddenly you go from being the funny out going, kiddo taxi driver to the introverted hermit.  Feeling as if the weight of the world is suffocating you.  The outside world becomes this scary nightmare that only causes you pain and anguish if you go into it.  It’s a constant reminder to what you have lost and plays havoc on the emotions you try to keep buried behind the comfort of your newly made hell, or home.

Your once large circle has been dimished down to maybe one or two, and they are held at such a long distance away that they become so distant that you mark them as better off and revert back to your newly made hell in your head.

You convince yourself that everyone and everything you have lost contact with is better off. That you, yourself, are doing them a great justice by removing yourself from their existence.  You second guess whether your kids were better off without you, and then you start making yourself believe just that.

Stuck in this hell, I fell even deeper into the world of grief and could not pull myself out of it.  I became paranoid that people were out to get me.  I started lashing out at everyone, trying to get them to walk away and just let me die from the grief I felt inside.  The only ones that could even bring me to the glimmer from the shadows were my two daughters on the every other Saturday visits we were allotted.

Instead of trying to climb out of the turmoil and sadness, I found myself sinking further and further into it by always thinking things like “the girls don’t miss me”, “I deserve it”, and “God must hate me”.  I would not listen to anything hope related and I ran from any positive advice or people. I felt I didn’t deserve anything but the black cloud that had resonated in my mind and heart.

Lies of “I’m fine” and “I’m alright” became common answers to any and all that took the time to be concerned with my well-being.  Most of the time, I was able to fool a good number of people.  However, my probations officer would be the one that I was unable to fool, and that would be the doorway to realization and recovery and God’s helper.

At my check-in on August 7th, I walk in not knowing what was waiting for me behind the watiting room door.  Unknowingly, I walk through when my name was called and instantly I should have realized something was up when she wanted to search my bag, but nope, I just accept her response of “oh they are making us search all bags now” and blindly keep walking to her office.  I’m sitting there telling her of my last month of struggles with my ex, and my business, where I stand on all things me, until i felt a presence behind me.  Turning, I see about 10 women in the hall way surrounding a female sheriff’s deputy.  I instantly know what is happening and why.

As if my heart could bare any more heartache, the reality of what was happening and the effect it would have on me and my children was just beginning.  I would spend 96 days in the county jail, not being able to see or speak to my girls, with no visits from anyone, hardly any phone calls, and only letters from the ex and my girls.

From Corrections officer to inmate.  A shining example of what not to do! Talk about your all time fubar life plans.  For the first few weeks I spent every day kicking my self lower and lower.  I relived every single moment that lead me to where I was, but instead of putting blame onto others, I actually looked myself in the mirror and saw me for what I was and the hurt I had caused by my actions and decisions.

I started reading the bible, praying, and writing. I read several books on faith and scripture and how they fit into life as I knew it.  I managed to read the whole new testament, get baptised, and somehow start rebuilding the connections I thought were burnt forever.  Suddenly I was writing my ex, and him actually answering.  Talking to my mother on the phone, and forming plans for a better future once released from jail.

Once released, I was to attend an in-house Dual Diagnosis program.  However, this would prove to be harder than it should be, considering there are very few facilities offering this program in my home state, and if your lucky to actually find one, there is either a substancial wait time, waiting list, or licensing requirement that takes precedence over you.

Wanting to get my life back in order and on tract to get back into my daughter’s life is delayed due to inability to find one of these programs accepting new patients, and the hearing to terminate my timesharing my ex decided to sabatoge me with two days after my release. Gone were his lies of being there to help me get things back to good.  Gone were the year and a half of steps forward with regard to my already in place horrible timeshare plan. Can’t a girl catch a break?!?

Back to square one.  Three hours every other saturday at a visitation center, where I have to pay someone to watch me with my children.  Only this time, I am unable to get a real job until I find out if I have fulfilled my in-house patient requirement, so I won’t be able to afford the ungodly surcharge that these centers charge.  The judge refused to even let me speak, refused to let me have visitation with trusted people and not at one of these centers, but did approve me to be able to have time with the girls on their birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Life is too full of moments that don’t clearly lead to happy thoughts or moments.  I feel like my daughter’s short lives are too full of murky and hateful moments, actions, and outcomes.  Though I try my best to overcome the worst decision of my life, I seem to always be staring back at it at every turn I make.  I’m supposed to keep myself out of depression and get back up on the theoretical horse and start again, never looking back at the past and what led me down my path of depression and destruction.  I’m supposed to not grieve the lost time with my daughters or the moments missed.  Time I will never get back.  Time that keeps being stolen, with no hope of ever getting it back, is what got me into a hopeless spiral into a very deep and dark depression, and yet it wasn’t enough so the ex decided to amp it up more and see what happens.

What he don’t know, might hurt him, though.  You see, I’m in a much better place this time.  I have God on my side this time, I have a better support system, I have my writing and graphic designs.  I have a therapist and medication.  I have goals, and priorities.  I have my daughters.  I have a plan.

Step by step, one foot in front of the other, I shall prevail against evil. The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous run to it and are safe. -Proverbs 18:10

Just say “F*$K it!

In today’s hustle and bustle, striving to be successful, and an  eyes on the prize type mentality, stress is bound to be lurking very close.  For most, it has seeped into our life without us noticing at first, and for some it will do its best to consume any and all hope of good.

We are so busy trying to better ourselves, that we rarely take the time to fathom something like “stress” could find its way into our already full playcard.  It starts very subtle, but grows into a monstrosity that can destroy everything we have built in the blink of an eye. There are lots published articles, books, warnings, and remedies about stress and its causes.  It is a silent killer of many.  It is a formidable opponent and will prevail if one doesn’t learn how to effectively spot the signs that it has become present in your life or to take steps to relieve such stress.

I recieved an email some months back, and after going through my bout with depression, I decided that I needed to take a closer look into the tagline “Just say f^%# it”.  The email was an advertisement of some sort, but it defined a very simple but powerful explanation.  One that at the time, I was not ready to hear or completely understand.

The jist of the message was, when we feel frustrated or stressed over something, and try as we might, we just can’t get past the hurdle, then saying “f^#% it” to the subject or situation immediately reduces stress and allows our brain to begin finding a way to resolve the issue without our emotions getting in the way.  It doesn’t mean we give up, but it fools our emotions into believing we have, allowing us to re-focus and recenter, thus allowing us to get past the hurdle and find the path to resolving the problem.

A simple concept, yet it has merit, or it seems to now that I have found myself so overwhelmed with stress and unable to find a way back to the top or on the right path.  While I can’t for the life of me, find the email, or remember the originator, I will never forget the words or their meaning.  Nor will I ever be able to know what my life would have been like had I taken the email and its contents more seriously and just got myself some help.

Would I have ended up losing 4 months of precious time with my daughters?  Would I have made it to court to get them back?  I will never know the answers to these questions and many others like it that run though my head.

I do know now, that living a life so filled with stress and heartache is no life to live at all.  Depression kills.  Plain and simple.  It kills dreams, hopes, relationships, families, careers, and so many more things we see as important or precious.  I was begging someone to notice the pain I was in, but didn’t realize that I had hurt and pushed the ones I was wanting to notice so far away til they could not tell what was depression and what was anger.

I let the stress of losing my husband, children, career, and everything else turn to depression.  I told myself regularly I deserved to be sad, to be alone.  Hard as I tried to climb my way back to the surface, I kept finding I would lose my breath and sink right back into the abyss, farther and farther each and every time.

Now, I take one day at a time.  I struggle somedays with trying to not over do or over anticipate.  I try to focus on one task at a time, and still fail miserably at completing one task before starting another, but I regularly use the Just f^*$Q it motto.  Of course I want things to go faster or open up for me on a larger scale, but I just pray to Jesus that he stay by my side and show me the path to take.    So far, so good.  I have managed to write a couple of pieces, get a couple of blog posts published, and research into what services I want to provide as a freelance writer.    Not bad for only being plugged back into the world wide web for a couple of weeks.

I will say that I wish someone had taken more a hands on approach with getting me out of the slump.  Maybe if someone had noticed where I was mentally, they would have gotten me help before It got me into trouble?  Answers I will never get, but that doesn’t have to be the fate for someone else.  I urge you to ask questions, pry, not take no for an answer, to see through the “I’m fine” responses.  Take the time for someone you love that seems like they might be struggling or falling farther and farther into the abyss of depression.  They may be ticked at you at first, but you may just be the hero of their story.


Lost Love….

For Brian,

I would like to say a thank you to the one person that has had my back since before the bad in my life turned into hell and everyone turned their backs on me.  He has put up with so much from not only me but from the others mentioned along the way.  The sad thing is, that he did not have to, but he held on tight and allowed me to let some of it go, talked me through some of the worst moments, and helped to put some of the broken pieces back together.

As strong a love as anyone might have, the experiences we have had to endure along the way proved too much for just one person to bear.  The love we could have had was cut dramatically short by the hellish and evil things done by hellish people.

For all this, I take responsibility for driving him away with my insecurity, no self-esteem, and new agoraphobia that has developed.  I did not mean to cheat you out of something great and I will forever be grateful for your kindness and for the short amount of time it was available your love.

I love you and probably always will, turtle turtle.





My Lost Love

by 3MKZs


In the midst of my life’s darkness and turmoil,

The sunshine found its shine again,

You became my comfort and the solace I needed.

The wind, released its warm gentle nudge again.


Your smile, the caramel in your eyes

Those magical appearing dimples on your cheeks,

The sound of your voice saying my name,

And the Music of your laughter when I called you nicknames.

The little idiosyncrasies that make you unique,

The warmth from your gigantic hugs,

Filled my world with its missing security,

They filled my heart with a sense of belonging.

You became my home. 

Now the Earth has suddenly shifted back around.

The Sun has lost its luster,

The wind is silent memory.


The Laughter is now gone,

Only Silence remains in its place.

Gone are the Smiles, and the gorgeously cute dimples.

I long for your return back to me, our love.

What could have caused your heart to stray,

I do not know.

I love you and miss the sweet man that was you.

The Days are so lonely without it being two.

With no hope of you returning,

I pray destiny’s powers completely set your heart free

And fill the void that could let you be happy.

That feat was too big and out of reach for me.

That it brings the light back to your eyes.

And you find that Music your laughter used to sing.

Be Happy my lost Love,

Dream big and be as happy as you made me.


Copyright © 2019

by 3MKZS


Magical Hopes
Make a wish upon the wings of a fairy, we need all the help we can get my sweet tiny….

Love Triangle

Some mommies and daddies get their heartstrings tear and tangled, and some of us get stuck, and some of us grow up in a love triangle.  A Song lyric that brought me to my knees the very first time I heard it.  It literally floored me!  Why? Well, that particular day just happened to be the day before Easter, 2017.  A day plagued with bad intentions, awful words, and heavy hands.  This was the day my marriage broke up and me and my girls were kicked out with nowhere to go.

As of today, we have been divorced for 11 months.  He has taken guardianship of our two daughters, ages 3 and 6.  I am under a supervised visitation parenting plan and only receive 6 hours a month face time and 28 phone calls.  Instead of him increasing the allowed time I have with the girls, he has continually taken away from it.  My visits are supposed to be where I choose, but his gf has an issue with people who have money, thinking we are a couple out on a trip with the kids, therefore, I can only take my children to the park and McDonalds on my visits.  My calls are now predetermined by his mother.  I have to be available when she wants or thinks it is a good time to call.  I have been able to go have lunch with K since the school year began, giving me an additional 30 min with her once a week, until last Thursday, when his mother decided that school lunch privileges do not constitute a “school activity” thereby cancelling the extra 30 minutes K had with me to herself.

My poor girls have been through enough.  It has been long enough for everyone to see that I am not a drug addict and am very fit to have my children back on a regular basis the way it was before my mom drugged me.  To prove that I was very serious when I told him that I would not allow him or his family to take anything else from me and my children, I went and filed for Contempt and a Modification to the Parenting/Timeshare Plan!  I go tomorrow to get the packets together for the Sheriffs Department to serve him!

The feeling of relief I had while standing at the counter at the courthouse can’t be put into words.  It was a feeling I don’t think I have ever felt, to be honest.  The sound of relief and finally, belief in K’s voice was awesome too!  She has had to handle so much stress and loss, and now punishment, just for wanting her mother back, and I will do WHATEVER it takes just to make sure that this year does not have too many horrible or lasting effects on my poor sensitive tiny girl.  Z is going to need lots of counseling I am afraid, just to want to reconnect with me.  She is the target of their Parental Alienation tactics, and they were pretty successful for the most part. She is quick to dodge the telephone or yell “No, shush it mommy” when I am trying to engage her into mine and K’s conversations.  I know she loves me and wants me though.  I can see it in her big blue eyes, but I can feel it in her hugs when we do get to see each other.  Today, I heard it in her voice when I told her and K we had our court date!

If you have never experienced Parental Alienation, let’s hope it stays that way.  If you have, please accept my deepest apologies and sympathies!  It is not to be taken lightly when someone decides that you are of no importance, shows your children this by continually showing them they are inferior to you and then playing mind games with them to make them terrified of losing the one that is essentially mentally abusing them.  They set out to destroy the love the children has for that parent, but do not realize that the children don’t actually stop loving the other parent or wanting them, they simply turn the pain inside and just accept their reality so that they stay safe, a defense mechanism.

The woman that my ex is with has gone to such lengths of trying to get K to not love me, that she actually took the hair bow out of her hair our last visitation and threw it into the Wal-Mart parking lot, telling her that she was never allowed to let me put another hair bow in her hair again, that if she did she would be spanked.  Well, I gave her the opportunity to do just that on Monday.  At K’s field trip, that I was graciously awarded my chaperon spot back, I brought some hair bows because I knew K would need her hair brushed and possibly put back up after swimming.  When I went to show her the brush she became scared and kind of backed up from me with her hand up saying, “No Mommy, Drill Sgt said I am not allowed to let you put anything in my hair ever again!  I will get into trouble.  She said to tell you that you are not allowed and that I have enough hair bows to not send or put any more in my hair.”  I was dumbfounded!  I was immediately pissed, to be honest, but I simply brushed her beautiful hair and told her I would not be passing messages through her, that I would be sending the gf and the ex a text message outlining the improprieties their actions are causing.  Of course, NO response other than the childish “stop harassing me” text the gf conjured up.

Hopefully the judge can shed some light into my dark and dismal world and enlighten the pure idiots on how they really are breaking the law with their antics and maybe, just maybe give me my girls back!

If you know anyone going through this situation, please tell them to seek help and counseling.  Narcissism is bad enough to have support groups, and I recently learned that so is Parental Alienation Syndrome and I am currently seeking out a support group offered by Dr. Baker in another state.  I will post any and all updates she may be able to provide!



Scattered, Scrambled and Smothered-Brained!

Like almost every woman I know that has ever been pregnant or had children around her, for any prolonged period of time, has definitely experienced the acute anxious feelings, the rushed and panicked feelings knowing you have about a bajillion things that need to be done, and so very very little time to do them in. Laundry, dinner, sweeping and mopping, getting the children’s homework and snacks ready, getting them bathed and ready for the next day, and of course, let’s not forget the grocery store and pharmacy trip.

Since things went so devastatingly crazy in my life last summer, my mind stays in this state, permanently.  I am unsure of how to hone it in for good like I have seen many people do.  Having ADHA does not help the situation either, but trying to focus for me is really like opening the flood gates of Gibraltar.  I get where I cannot breathe, and have this knot that gets in the base of my throat and makes me cough all day long .  I had not noticed just how intense it had been, even before that day.  That is, up until last week when, out of the clear blue, things just became different.  Different than what I had gotten used t0. 

From all my astrology reports I am in some sort of life transit transformation.  Either I will make it to love and abundance or I will be like the rest of my life has been thus far, dark and bleak.  Lol, no really though, I have always been super in tune with my horoscope.  I love being a Scorpio, all but the horrible love life and the constant bickering between some personality types. All three of the MKZ gangs are!  Heck, even the ex was!  Talk about your all-time statistically unheard of households, and everyone except my oldest is Left handed.  Funny, but very true.  I couldn’t make this stuff up, I mean look how far fetched most of what I have shared has been.  lol  

Sorry, back to the topic at hand, hey wait, that was the best example of just what being scrambled, scattered and smothered really is.  Talking or doing something based on one type of subject matter, just to find your train of thought had derailed and you were now over in the fish department going, “wow that is a pretty color of blue

Only you times that feeling of “I’m such an idiot” by about a million for every single thought of an item on the “gotta get done list” , then housework,  class, talking to the girls, trying to fit in the significant other, just to be shown and told they don’t know anymore whether they want more than friends that shack up or all the way alone.  Shake in more of this woman hitting my kid, now just for telling me anything at all. Roll on a few more my Nana this and my Papa that, to be burnt to a crisp with the little one screaming “Shush-it No I don’t want to talk to you”.  Now can you see how I get so frazzled when I gotta get this post done, try to fight with the new (way cheaper but not better only charge by the month) hosting platform, get a client’s website up and running, finish K’s book so that it can get off to the publishers, my pro se drafts and motions for contempt and modification ready for the clerk on Monday morning, eat, sleep , shower, and be ready for my visit with the loves of my life tomorrow afternoon!  There’s more, lots more that are in desperate need of completion, and if I could somehow manage to pull it off,  I just might start making some money! 

Too many things to get done, not enough time in universe.






Dedicated to my Princess Butterflies….

Line of childrens shopify
If you could only know the light that lives in the Princess Butterfly Sisters

This shall be dedicated to my

Butterfly Princess Blonde (K)
Butterfly Princess Anna (Z)….

From the   earliest,  And very tiniest flutter-a-bouts.

To the silly playfulness,

And the eloquent dance twirls

I have been mesmerized

By the sweet smell of your blonde hair,

Captivated and awe-struck smell

By the love and light flickering in your eyes.

Your smiles and laughter, 

The impishly  dramatic sisterly games.

The busy bustle and shuffle of the day-to-day

Lead to some of the best snuggles.

For all the moments,  That will always be the best flutter moments…

For these snippets of time will lead us back to the place,

of Fairy Tale dust

And the dreamy adventures of theButterfly Princesses!


Note from this Butterfly Princess Mommy:

I hope you always know and feel my love, devotion, and admiration.

Love always,

Princess Butterfly Mommy


























“I’ve had a rough life, mommy, K said.”

The words of my 6-year-old when discussing the recent past happenings of my making that bad decision.  I believe the words made me go deaf because I didn’t hear not one single word she said after that.  Instead, I saw a flash of key events that have led up t this point. 

Today, while sitting with her at her school for lunch, I have yet another horrid reality to face.  She knows that the time is going to fly by and she tries so hard to get as many “Mommy things” as she possibly can so that she can let go of those and get ready for the next on her list to talk over with mommy.  So as to not get mommy upset, she kind of eases me into the “boo-boo” she had told me about on the phone.  “Now Mommy, don’t say anything, but Saturday I was out playing with Nanny.  She was giving me a hard time, and then when I went to get her back, Little Man bit me.  I am ok, but I wanted to tell you about it.”    I look down and she had a pretty good bruise with one little puncture spot, but I already knew about the bite and that she was okay, so I  just reassured her telling her, “well baby girl, you know that he did not mean to really hurt you so it’s ok.”

Lunchtime has become her outlet for telling mommy if something bad is going on, without having to worry about if someone hears it. She then wants to tell me about what REALLY happened on Sunday when her Nanny took her home.  I am guessing that her father was not at home because he was on call, because the girls do not usually cry when the exchange happens.  I waited a few seconds, hoping it was not going to be what I thought it might be, but she looks at me and almost scared to tell me she starts but then stops.  I tell her that it is alright and that I’m not going to say anything, but just write it down if it’s something that needs it,  She prepares herself one more time and proceeds to tell me that that woman spanked her because she and Z wanted to go back home with her Nanny.  That they were crying and hat Drill Sgt got mad and told them “SHUT UP! You are crying for no f-ing reason”.  Then, because they would not stop or go with their Nanny, the Drill Sgt spanked them and made them go to bed.  

Instantly I saw red.  I told them she needed to keep her hands of hate off of my children. K sees my blood boiling and tells me that she has one more thing to tell me, that the Drill Sgt didn’t just put her in the corner that day because she did not understand the unscramble homework, but that she spanked her for crying, then slapped her in the face for “not listening” to her, and then proceeded to put her in the corner too.

Now I am not a super- intelligent person or anything, but some dumb person done went and  slapped my child in the face for not being able to comprehend something she is trying to learn in KINDERGARTEN so she gets frustrated with herself over not getting it and starts to cry, you slap her in the face for “not listening” to you, spank her to make her cry even harder, then still make her stand in the corner?  This woman is some kind of stupid!  I asked her if Z has been getting done this way, and she said, “yes mommy, she has too”. 

The reward for all the stressful moments of raising babies.

I absolutely hate that my daughter, whom I have sworn to love and protect, nurture and guide, has to endure this type of hush-hush system just to get some protection from people that say they did this to “protect” the girls from me.  I find it low-down and completely asinine that a mother, of three kids herself no doubt, would treat my child like this, or any other child in the world.  What? Just because she dislikes me and thinks I am a “WASTE OF SPACE”?  

Mothers are supposed to love, nurture, guide, educate, compliment, discipline, love, love, love, and PROTECT the children they, not only bore but the ones they adopt as well.  If she will smack my kid in the face for not being able to hear her, what else is she going to do?  Nothing is sacred to these people it seems.  The fact that K and Z are not her blood and that she might not want to be abusing them does not even seem to register at all for the idiot!  How can the father just let her do these things?

Currently, I am trying to calm down!  If I call and deal with this right this second I would probably just make it worse for myself than for that child abusing “c” word.  They better hope and pray that there are not any marks on my girls come Saturday when I have visit, cause I am likely to blow my cool!  Not to mention, there will be not one, but two people being arrested. I am also calling DCF and hopefully finding me a good Pro-Bono lawyer.  This has got to stop.  First neglect medical attention, then her spanking, but now she gotta slap.  All I can say is she better have a good attorney on retainer.

I encourage you all to report any sign of child abuse to the proper authorities.  Please be the voice for the ones who don’t have one of their own.  Educate your little ones to be able to communicate safely in harmful situations, like coming up with code words or phrases.  Not only will these key phrases help protect your children, but they may also help other classmates, or the parents as well.