Bring Your Best Fun, and Economical DIY Kid Fun!

I designate this page for DIY projects, FUN and educational experiences, tips, advice, resources and information, and anything else that will help our children to grow into their own in this ever growing and changing world.

I have all intentions of making the best of my situation, whether it be from teaching my own children how to handle adversity, pain, and depression, or by helping another parent not to make the same mistakes that I have made. I genuinely hope that the pursuit for a better world through imagination and creativity will bring about a stronger and happier generation that is less dependent on anything but the simple things in life.

I hope to help create a world in which our children realize the best things in life are the things you can’t buy in a store, but should be given freely; passed down from their parents, family, friends, and neighbors.

I believe it’s way pastime to take back the youth of today. We as parents have a responsibility to our children to teach them, guide them, love them, discipline them, and provide them with the information, education, emotions, and upbringing that will allow them to become less lazy and self-centered individuals, and become more independent and loving people.

To this challenge, I hope to provide consistent and relevant information, resources and activities to this page that will allow you, as parents, to get down on their level and lighten up some and have some good old-fashioned fun with your babies. Fun that will not only be informative but also be economical. Fun that brings out the laughter in your soul and allows you all to reconnect and grow as a family, the way its supposed to be!

Should someone have an idea, project, exercise, tip, advice, or just need to find help to find relevant resources, please leave a comment or suggestion. Together, we can learn, grow, and build a better world for our children! I know we are a generation that seems broken and disconnected, however, if my situation has taught me anything, it’s that in times of struggle and disparity, we as parents and adults should focus on what our children are learning and we should concentrate on making sure the lessons we teach are better than the experiences we have endured.

Fun without harmful chemicals.

Let’s teach our children to be strong, independent, and happy even during this time of great stress and loss that is being brought about with COVID-19! Here are a couple links packed full of fun that will not only allow you to reconnect and lighten up, but take all of your minds off what is going on in the world right now.

Links to Kiddie Fun:

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